Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hello, spring? Are you there?

Here we are, March 30th and I wake up to snow.
Enough accumulation that the snow plow had to come by.
On March 30th???
Are you kidding me?
Man oh man, therapists must be having a banner year with their S.A.D. patients this year.
The winter that just keeps on giving.
Yesterday, I received an e-mail directing me to a Chatelaine magazine article:  "Seven wardrobe staples to add to your closet this spring."
As you can imagine, I need a new spring wardrobe this year since I've lost so much weight.  So I was interested in checking out the article.
Never mind that the suggestions put forward in the article are way out of my league.  They are also not even all that nice.  (OK, they're meant for a younger demographic too.)  But a bracelet that costs $375.00???  Does anyone really actually need one?
I expect to buy my entire wardrobe for not much more than the cost of that one bracelet!
Anyway, I might not ever need a new spring wardrobe.
Since winter refuses to leave, apparently spring is never going to get here.

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