Monday, February 17, 2014

The crisis is over

All right, the crisis is over.
Infection is under control and I am officially "better."
I saw my surgeon last week (Wednesday) and he was quite intrigued to hear about my little excursion to the hospital ER.  He was very interested to hear that I hadn't really realized how sick I was until I felt somewhat improved.  But of even more interest to him was how fast the antibiotic took effect and had me feeling better.
And because of that hiccup in my recovery, I have to see him again this week so he can make sure that everything is healing as it should.  (I see him again on Friday morning.)
I am soooooo delighted with my new flat tummy.  I would have preferred not to have had to go over that rough patch with the infection, but now that that's over, I am really looking forward to completing the healing process.  I mean really, it looks so good now, and I'm told it will improve with time.
To be sure, I don't regret spending that money!

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