Friday, February 21, 2014

Infection Update

Had an interesting visit with my family doctor on Wednesday.
Ooops, first I have to tell you how impressed my physiotherapist is with my new flat tummy.  We had a great time comparing notes on Tuesday.  (She had hers done about five or so years ago.)
Back to my family doc visit.
After she got through teasing me about being a "trouble maker" (for the ER visit), she asked to see my incision so she could assess the status of the infection.  She too was suitably impressed with my new flat tummy.  She declared the infection cleared up and asked when I finished the antibiotic.
"I take the last one at 2:00 pm today," I declared.  "And I can finally have a glass of wine tomorrow!"
She cautioned me to watch the area carefully for the first 24-48 hours after I finished the antibiotic.  Could be rebound flare-up.  If I experienced any pain, I was to get back to her pronto because I would need another round of antibiotics.
Well, I thoroughly enjoyed my glass(es) of wine yesterday!
Good thing too.
By the time I was making my way into the city today to see the surgeon for my follow-up appointment, I anticipated that I would be going back on antibiotics.
Why, you ask?
Because yesterday, the site of origin had become sensitive to touch again.  (That was the first indicator that something was wrong before, I just hadn't recognized the sign.)
I explained to the surgeon that the area was more painful today than it was yesterday, so I was a tad concerned that it was the very rebound effect about which my family doctor had warned me.
He checked the area very carefully and he had to agree.  It is inflamed again, and beyond just the site of original entry.  So it's already starting to spread again.
Another round of antibiotics it is.
At least this time it's only five days without wine!

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